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Enchiladas Potosinas Recipe - How to Make Tortilla Pie

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe methods, enchiladas potosinas ingredients. How to make enchiladas potosinas, recipe, video on how to prepare enchiladas potosinas food. Easy enchiladas potosinas food instructions video, enchiladas potosinas recipe guide.

Enchiladas Potosinas

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe step by step instructions, list of enchiladas potosinas ingredients, easy enchiladas potosinas food directions, all from GlobalChefService.com

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe methods, enchiladas potosinas ingredients and food pictures. How to make enchiladas potosinas food, various enchiladas potosinas recipes, video on how to prepare enchiladas potosinas. Basic enchiladas potosinas food instructions video

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Enchiladas Potosinas is no doubt one of the most popular dishes in the world. But what makes it so popular? What makes enchiladas potosinas so good? It's crispy, it's delicious and it's one of the most amazing things you can eat. We highlight secrets behind making enchiladas potosinas. We will cover almost everything you need to know about cooking enchiladas potosinas. Here you will learn the exact ingredients needed to make enchiladas potosinas including few chef notes and tips

Enchiladas Potosinas. Fresh corn dough enchiladas with red chili hue and packed with cheese, tomato sauce, green tomato, and roasted chili peppers. Enchiladas Potosinas recipe with step-by-step instructions, ingredients, and secrets. Lettuce, onion, cream, cheese, and avocado are served on the side. They're a favorite for quick lunches and dinners with the family, as well as during Lent, because they're inexpensive and simple to make. Enjoy.

Have you ever tried the enchiladas potosinas? If yes, you know how delicious and tasty it is. But what if you don't know how to prepare it? Here is a simple recipe for you.

Learn how to prepare Enchiladas Potosinas. The following writings contains important information on how to make Enchiladas Potosinas.

Enchiladas Potosinas

Enchiladas Potosinas are flour or corn tortillas, rolled around a filling, infused with a savory red chile sauce and topped with yummy toppings for a perfect meal.

Enchiladas Potosinas originated in Mexico, hence regarded as Mexican cuisine.

Enchiladas can be filled with various ingredients, including meats, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables, or combinations. Enchilada sauces include chili-based sauces, such as salsa roja, various moles, or cheese-based sauces, such as chile con queso.

Enchiladas Potosinas is a dish from the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. It is a dish of enchiladas made with corn tortillas, with a sauce made from dried peaches, dried pasilla peppers and ancho peppers.

Small vendors in San Luis Potosi's industrial city sell these distinctive enchiladas with red chile pulverized in the masa. They are frequently served with shredded lettuce and guacamole, and resemble a quesadilla in appearance.

Enchiladas are one of Mexico's most recognizable dishes. There are hundreds of variants, but the most common are enchiladas suizas. Enchiladas are an easy to make, affordable dish that is always a crowd pleaser.


Enchiladas Potosinas is a dish from the Potosí region in Mexico. It is a simple dish but very tasty and an ideal dish to have during the cold winter months. In this recipe blog I will be sharing with you my version of how to make this dish.

Here you have simple and straightforward instructions, directions on how to prepare Enchiladas Potosinas. Also, enchiladas potosinas ingredients list and tips is also covered.

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe
Recipe: Enchiladas Potosinas Recipe
Category: Snacks
Cuisine: Mexican
Preparation Time:
Cooking time:
Servings: 5
Average rating: 4.7 of 5.0 from 824 reviews
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About: Enchiladas Potosinas recipe guide. Enchiladas Potosinas is fresh corn dough enchiladas with red chili hue and packed with cheese, tomato sauce, green tomato, and roasted chili peppers. Learn how to make your authentic food, enchiladas potosinas.

Enchiladas Potosinas Ingredients List

Here you have all the list of ingredients for making Enchiladas Potosinas. Directions and how to prepare enchiladas potosinas follows after.

Enchiladas Potosinas ingredients
  • 75 grams of ancho chile deveined and seedless
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1/4 of cup of finely chopped onion
  • 1 1/4 cups of queso fresco shredded
  • 1/2 kilo of corn masa
  • 1/2 tablespoon of salt
  • Oil to fry

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe step by step

Delight yourself with this recipe for enchiladas potosinas, ideal for a lunch or dinner. This is one of the typical dishes of Mexican cuisine , which has corn as its main ingredient, and which takes its exquisite flavor from a mixture of chili peppers, which is integrated into the dough.

Enchiladas Potosinas recipe instructions! Here you have all the step by step information on preparation of enchiladas potosinas. Easy to follow directions on how to prepare enchiladas potosinas recipe below.

Below is a recipe for the most hearty enchiladas potosinas. The recipe is very simple and you can prepare it in no time. You can as well watch the video that follows later for a step-by-step preparation. This video will guide you to a delicious meal.

  1. Roast the chiles and let them soak in hot water for 30 minutes.
  2. Pour them in a food processor with 1/2 cup of the water in which they were soaked
  3. Melt the butter in a small pan and add the onion Sauté until golden brown. Remove from heat and mix with cheese
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of the ground chilies and mix, then set aside.
  5. Put the corn masa into a bowl and add the rest of the ground chilies and salt.
  6. Knead for 6 minutes until the ingredients are completely mixed.
  7. Cover with a damp cloth and let stand for 25 minutes.
  8. Take balls of dough and put between two pieces of plastic wrap in an tortilla presser.
  9. Flatten and make tortillas.
  10. Place a bit of the cheese mixture in the center of each tortilla and fold the tortilla in half
  11. Press the edges to seal them
  12. Repeat with the rest of the masa and the filling
  13. Heat a comal or skillet and bake the enchiladas on top for 2-3 minutes on each side.
  14. The masa should change color when cooked
  15. Fill a frying pan with 1 cm of oil to fry and put 2-3 enchiladas and fry for 4-5 minutes on each side.
  16. Let drain on a paper towel.
  17. Serve!

They are based on corn tortillas and are one of the recipes with the most variations depending on the locale. They can be stuffed with everything from chicken to cheese to pork to seafood. However, their most distinguishing feature is that they are totally submerged in a sauce created from a variety of chiles.

Enchiladas potosinas Taste

Enchiladas potosinas is an authentic Mexican food which tastes crispy, cheesy, salty and flavorful.

Enchiladas Potosinas food images

These are few enchiladas potosinas food photos. Carefully taken Enchiladas Potosinas food pictures evoking the enchiladas potosinas's best traits and its inherent deliciousness. With high quality colors and textures of the dish celebrated enormously.

Homemade Enchiladas PotosinasHow to make enchiladas potosinasEnchiladas Potosinas foodhow to prepare Enchiladas Potosinas

Enchiladas potosinas tips

If you're making a large batch of filling, start preparing it 1-3 days ahead of time. However, you can only keep it for so long because it can dry out and it's really quick to make.

To avoid scorching, use caution when creating enchiladas potosinas. Before squeezing the tortillas together, run a little water along the edges to produce the greatest seal. Finally, don't stuff your enchiladas too full.

Video on How to make Enchiladas Potosinas

Watch the video know-how of Enchiladas Potosinas. Have a audio-visual clue and in depth explanations on how to make enchiladas potosinas. Below is the video on how to prepare enchiladas potosinas.

Video Title: How to make Enchiladas Potosinas

Learn how to make enchiladas potosinas. Enchiladas Potosinas is fresh corn dough enchiladas with red chili hue and packed with cheese, tomato sauce, green tomato, and roasted chili peppers. This is a video on how to prepare fantastic enchiladas potosinas.

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How to make Enchiladas Potosinas, endnote

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