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Carmal Recipe - How to make Caramel Custard

Carmal recipe methods, ingredients and tips. How to make carmal, carmal recipe, video on how to prepare carmal. Easy carmal instructions video, carmal recipe guide.

Carmal step by step recipe, methods, directions, all from GlobalChefService.

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Carmal is made by boiling sugar until it reaches a brown color. The color of the carmal depends on the amount of sugar. Here's how to make it. Read here.

Carmal is a delicious candy that you can make at home. It is easy to make and the recipe takes only some minutes to prepare. Learn how to make carmal using glucose, corn syrup, and water.


Carmal is a mix of sugar and water it is the main component in the making of candy and other sweets. It can also be used as a decoration for cakes and other foods.

This article looks at how to make carmal and combining other ingredients to make other sweets and dishes.

It is a traditional treat in Turkey and is a great way to use up the last of the lemons from the tree.

Carmal is very famous and liked in many countries all over the world. Carmal is a sweet food made by heating sugar and water until it turns into a thick liquid, then adding other ingredients to it like butter, cream, salt and vanilla. This food can be used to make many desserts. In this article we will tell you how to make this yummy food step by step.

Carmal Recipe

Here you have simple and straightforward instructions, directions on how to prepare Carmal. Also, carmal ingredients and tips is also covered.

Carmal recipe
Recipe: Carmal Recipe
Category: Desserts
Cuisine: Turkey
Preparation Time:
Cooking time:
Servings: 5
Average rating: 4.4 of 5.0 from 1742 reviews
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About: Carmal recipe guide. Carmal is a sweet, hard candy made from honey, lemon, and sugar. Learn how to make your authentic carmal.

Carmal Ingredients List

Here you have all the ingredients for making Carmal. Directions and how to prepare carmal follows after.

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 tbs of custard
  • 1 cup of yoghurt
  • Sugar
  • 1 cup of condensed milk

Carmal recipe step by step

Here you have all the step by step information on preparation of carmal. Directions and how to prepare carmal recipe below.

If you like sweet, salty snacks like nuts or pretzels, you will love carmal. Carmal is harder than most candies, but it is easy to make. Learn how to make carmal here.

Making carmal is easy! Just follow the steps outlined below to learn how you can make carmal at home.

  1. Add milk, yogurt, condensed milk, custard powder, mix all very well in a bowl or jug
  2. Heat non-stick pan add sugar and allow it to carmalised, put off the heat
  3. Pour this mixture to the bottom of silicone mould, on top pour mixed milk mixture
  4. Place lid without whistle and steamed it for 15 minutes
  5. Remove and transfer into a serving plate.

Video on How to make Carmal

Watch the video know-how of Carmal. Have a audio-visual clue and in depth explanations on how to make carmal. Below is the video on how to prepare carmal.

Video Title: How to make Carmal

Learn how to make Carmal. Carmal recipe guide. Carmal is made by boiling sugar until it reaches a brown color. The color of the carmal depends on the amount of sugar.

Carmal endnote

We hope you enjoyed our recipe about how to make carmal. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your time to make desserts.

Although this might be slightly challenging candy to make, the end result is delicious and will impress anyone! With this carmal recipe you will be able to make your family and friends a tasty treat that they will enjoy.

Get out there and try something new today! If you have any other questions or comments about preparing carmal, please contact us anytime at here.

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